Wu Tang Clan. 02.06.15. Newcastle 02 Academy.

When 2 of the 3 most important Clan members aren’t present for their own gig (RZA, Method man), you fear the worst.

When the 3rd (GZA) spends the majority of the night standing (seemingly deliberately) by himself, and out of view, you see the worst.

To be fair, the Clan picked a greatest hits set list, and were supported by a welcoming crowd, happy  to join in with the likes of Gravel pit, Bring the rukus and Cream.

Even with this substance, the remaining Clan just couldn’t seem to shake off the reality that they are middle aged who (presumably) no longer live the life that they write about. They are not the intimidating, aggressive and socially radical they once were, instead appearing happy to go through the motions.

Someone needs to put the Clan put of their misery before they mess  with their legacy.

If only the RZA had seen this.


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