Peter Andre. Newcastle City Hall.03.03.16.


What to think when the man you know will make a mockery of everything you love (music, music, music) turns out to be as reverential about your passion as you are!?


For all his schmaltz, pop celebratory apperances and covers (the true sign of an imposter) I am devastated to admit to enjoying his show.

Let me make some important caveats. The show wasn’t original, or controversial, or thought provoking.

It did have all of those irrediable qualities of pop; well presented, sheen, rehearsed.

But it was enjoaybe. It did have a beat. And it did create an audience reaction.

How, and i’ve had to remind myself a few times of this, could I not respect an artist(?) who has 2,000 people singing along to (well performed and well intended) Prince, Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown covers?

2 things; don’t let Lydon see ths post and don’t let me watch x-factor.


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