Primal Scream. 26.8.16. Times Square.


Quiet how the Scream have managed to pull off a career that spans Arthur-Lee inspired psychedelia, an iconoclastic dance record, stones-styled rock anthems, punk rock anger, electro thrash and solid dance tracks is nothing if not incredible.

Contradictory to certain music publications, Mr Gillespie, and his all-encompassing melting pot, clearly does know what he is doing.

Live the band have always had a reputation as being hit or miss, however recent changes to daily habits seem to have propelled them into being one of the most consistent live acts around.  Tonight they are world class; playing a crowd friendly set generated mostly with songs from, or older than, the 15 year old xtrmntr album.  Innes input into the sound of the band is much more obvious live than on record, and Butler is the coolest looking bassist since Simonon.

Gillespie’s on stage flouncing still fools no one, he has a heart of stone, not glass.  His staunch left wing politics deliver equal messages of love (damaged, come together, some velvet morning) and anger (swastika eyes, 100% or nothing, loaded)- providing a soundtrack for us all to love each other but to hate the man.  Wether the music is light or heavy, the seriousness is never far from the surface. Brilliant.



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